Insurance protection against management errors

The topic of manager liability and insurance protection has gained significance unlike most other during the last few years. For a long time managers were considered to be almost untouchable.

If you as the manager, director or supervisor make a mistake, you are unlimitedly liable for the incurred economic loss – with your entire private assets.

Manager liability insurance

Regardless whether you are a medium size enterprise or manage a non-profit-organisation, you are exposed to a high personal liability. The onus of proof, of always having acted carefully and conscientiously, rests with you. Another complicating factor is the fact that you are jointly liable, meaning you can be made liable even for the mistakes of your colleagues.

With the D&O insurance of Pantaenius you can protect yourself from the financial consequences of such risks.

The insurance protection covers if you are being sued for economic loss due to the violation of duty or if this is intended.

For Executive Directors of stock corporations we also offer special solutions for the insurance of legally prescribed self-retentions.

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